P1 Wireless Portable Microphone System is intended for portable wireless operation, such as video and field recording applications. This system includes a camera-mountable receiver, bodypack transmitter, and avalier microphone. Easy-to-use features include a large display and small size receiver to fit neatly on any size camcorder or DSLR camera



Antenna Type 1/4 wave length wire
Oscillator Type Crystal-controlled PLL Synthesizer
Sound pressure level 130 dB(SPL) max.
THD, total harmonic distortion < 0.9 %
Pick-up pattern omni- directional
Operating time > 8h
RF output power 30 mW
Audio-XLR connector 3.5 mm Jack
Signal-to-noise ratio  96 dB(A)
MassApprox. 176 g
Dimensions 63 x 82 x 23.8mm

The extra wide switching bandwidth covers a wide area, with a wide choice of channels available across multiple models



Engineered for broadcasters in the field
Rugged all-in-one wireless system with high flexibility for broadcast quality sound
Excellent sound and construction quality
Easy to use and fast setup time
Powerful and reliable wireless transmission
Range: up to 100 meters / 330 feet
Output level control for receiver
Robust metal body
Line input available
1-Year Warranty Program


P1 WIRELESS Microphone System

P1 WIRELESS Microphone System

Can I connect multiple (3) transmitters to a single receiver?

No. One receiver to one transmitter.

can I connect Rode mic to this system?

You should have no problem connecting the rode mic.

Does the receiver come with a hot shoe mount for mounting on a DSLR camera?

Yes it does.

Does the receiver have a headphone jack for monitoring?
the receiver have a separate jack for monitoring.
I use my phone for video. will these easily connect with my samsung note 8

P1/P will work for iPhone or iPad /Android phone

Is there a way to use this with 4 microphones? I need to record 4 people speaking.

In order to record 4 people you will need 4 complete systems, then each system can be coordinated so they all work together, each system will have a independent frequency so they not interfere with each other.

What is the range of this system? From how far away can you record a subject?

The range of the wireless units depend on the environment and settings used. 100 m (300′), typical Open range environment with no interfering signals.

Will it work for iPhone or iPad or Android phone?

P1/P will work for iPhone or iPad /Android phone

Will it work with DSLR cameras (specifically a Canon 5D4)

Yes. You need to run the receiver into the camera via a 3.5 mm jack

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  • I have bought this mic set for my camera on the special event at the temple, everything work great. It really blown me away for the sound quality and its ranges. Love it!

    Great for cameras use
  • This product is amazing. Shooting wedding, Corporate video, or live events, this lav mic is reliable in all situations. I do use a zoom h6 to record the audio from the mic.

    This mic picked up great sound


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